INVICTA K9 Canine Security
Patrol Dogs The patrol dog and handler teams provide a highly visible crime deterrent, able of replacing up to five static guards, making them a cost effective option.  They are a self sufficient unit able to patrol the most remote of locations. Regular assignments include; Industrial units, schools and colleges, film sets, music and sporting events and close protection support. Our patrol dogs are from recognised guarding breeds and are trained to indicate the presence of intruders, provide a visual and vocal deterrent and if needed protect the handler.  All dog and handler teams are trained to a minimum of BS7858. Search Dogs Our search dogs come from the gun dog breeds and are selected according to their working ability and temperament. Narcotic search dogs Trained to search and indicate the presence of major illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines and cannabis.  Training is ongoing and as new drugs appear we are able to detect them. Recent assignments include; music festivals, pubs and night clubs (queues and dealing ‘hot spots’), offices and private residences. Explosive search dogs Dogs are trained to search and indicate on all major explosive scents. Typical assignments include; vehicles, container ports, cruise ships, stadiums and public buildings. All of the explosive handlers at Invicta K9 are ex police and military, with vast front line experience. Flare and Smoke Bomb Detection We are now able to provide flare detection dogs to sports and concert stadiums Bed-bug detection dogs Dogs in this category are able to detect the presence of all types of bed bugs in furniture, beds, aircraft seats, coaches etc. Recent assignments include; hotels, care homes, youth hostels and aircraft We are also able to train dogs to search for almost any object e.g. money, mobile phones etc. Bailiff Support and Dog Restraint At Invicta K9 we are able to offer a comprehensive service to bailiffs, local authorities and utility companies.  We are leaders in humane methods of dog handling and restraint.  We are able to provide kennelling for dogs removed from repossessed properties and can collect and kennel dogs belonging to vulnerable people on behalf of local authorities.